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We do our best to ensure that the service will be easy and fast. We made it by making fully automatic process.


We never ask you to share your private wallet keys. Just provide the farmer and pool public keys and we deliver plots.


We understand the importance of not loosing time. Before we send you the plots we check if they are properly created.


Our service is always open and we are plotting all the time.


Chia is very eco-frienly crypto. After plots are created it uses very little energy to keep the network alive.


By using our services you are able to focus on farming while creating fields at the lowest possible cost and in a short time.

What chia farmers this about us?

Buy Chia plots

  • k32 plots used to farm on the Chia network
  • Unlimited parallel plotting per order (as capacity allows)
  • Fast download (download links are valid for 5 days for each plot)
  • Due to high load - first plotting will start after 17th July 2021 UPDATED
  • Complete delivery estimate within 2-5 days after plotting starts (depends on quantity)

Preffered payment option

No account required.
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